Our Story 深井歷史


深井除了是香港的地名外,也是代表一種特殊的燒烤方式,香港深井的一家燒臘店以秘製炭燒燒鵝馳名香江,享譽盛名,深井燒鹅特色在于深藏香氣,皮脆肉嫩,汁多味美,最妙的是在脆皮下還有一層薄薄的脂肪;食用時趁熱吃,再配上用酸梅特製的沾酱,那真是入口難忘的超美感覺 ! 洛杉磯深井美食坊老闆就曾任職香港深井某著名燒臘店主廚達十多年之久, 後來移民美國後開店, 因此取名”深井燒臘美食坊”。深井燒臘美食坊炭燒手碌乳豬, 喜慶金豬遠近馳名, 巴東村牛腩和椒鹽鮮魷就深受食客歡迎. 深井燒臘美食坊讓您有機會認識和享受到香港深井師傅的精湛手藝和真正的「深井風味」。

Not only is Sham Tseng the name of a district in Hong Kong, its special barbecue technique is also one of a kind. Sham Tseng is well known in Hong Kong for using a secret technique to charcoal a goose. Every Sham Tseng’s roast goose has an irresistible deep flavor, the skin is crispy, the meat is tender, it is also tasty and succulent. The best part is the thin layer of fat underneath the crispy skin. Eat it while it’s still hot, dip it in a specially made plum sauce, the outstanding taste and feeling are simply unforgettable. The owner of Los Angeles Sham Tseng BBQ Shop was the chief chef of Hong Kong Sham Tseng famous Restaurant for over ten years. After his immigration to US, he opened his own business and called his restaurant Sham Tseng BBQ Shop. Sham Tseng BBQ Shop uses charcoal and the hand-rollingtechnique to prepare its pigs. The Roasted Pig is indispensable in Chineseworshipping, Badong Village Beef Curry and Squid with Spicy Salt are only two of the most popular dishes. Sham Tseng BBQ gives you the opportunity to appreciateand enjoy Hong Kong Sham Tseng master chef’s exquisite craft and authentic “Sham Tseng Flavor.”